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The collision of language, voice, computer, and motion sensors. How will you play with this new type of instrument, what is the effect of different movements, and what if you suddenly no longer recognize your own voice?


We are becoming dataïsts, free of meaning we only keep on gathering more. Reality is no longer, only data.


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Winternights festival

15 December 2017




Can a computer question its owner? Can the owner question its computer? As technology becomes deeper and deeper imbedded in our daily lives it has a tendency to become more and more opaque.


This way we are almost led to believe the technology does not exist anymore. There is no mechanical or physical object anymore which signifies the existence of the inner workings. All of technology is becoming a black box, which only shows itself in the events of a crash.


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Amsterdam Fringe Festival

September 2017



The Cloud

In storing our data we created the idea of ‘the cloud’. Our own personal cloud, hovering in our houses, above our heads. Where all of our pictures, appointments, and documents. We imagine this non space, virtual data which has no physical body it belongs to. The truth however is far from magical.


There are underground bunkers in which processors are constantly churning to keep our data alive. These serverfarms are in sharp contrast with the heavenly imagery of the cloud. The idea of data in the cloud denies the physical and territorial reality of what it means to store information.


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Kunsttour, Maastricht

3 - 5 June 2017